Lagentesoft PinPoint Pro v1.0b15

Lagentesoft PinPoint Pro v1.0b15 | Mac OS X | 6 MB.
PinPoint Pro is controlled through a menu item that you will find at the top of the screen, along with some of the other built-in Mac OS X elements. To open your configuration window or exit PinPoint Pro, select the appropriate option from that menu.

Selecting pointers
PinPoint Pro can display multiple effects at the same time. Select the effects that are enabled using the check boxes next to each one.
Once selected, you can activate or deactivate each one by configuring a shortcut key or using the Action menu at the bottom of the list.

Important: each effect consumes CPU power, so keep in mind that having tons of effects simultaneously will make things slower.

Keyboard Shortcuts
To set a shortcut for each pointer, click on the pointer in the list and then configure Keyboard Equivalent in the lower right corner of the Configuration window.
You can also configure multiple pointers to use the same shortcut by assigning one to a pointer first, then, for the next ones, select the name of the other pointer in the list.

A shortcut can be set to Toggle a pointer when it is always visible, or simply activate it until it automatically disappears either because it was moved or after a delay.

Moving pointers
When you link two pointers to the same shortcut key, you can use the Action menu at the bottom of the list to toggle a pointer separately. This allows you to toggle between two pointers using the same shortcut key.