Action Station 2 Photoshop plugin

Action Station 2 | Photoshop plugin | 13 MB.

1-click Action Station is a simplified alternative to the Photoshop action palette that allows you to locate and execute your favorite Photoshop actions without having to navigate through the increasingly progressive stock palette.
1-click Action Station supports not only your 1-click actions, but all the actions you have currently installed in Photoshop *. As you install new actions in Photoshop, additions are automatically added to Action Station without any additional installation.

What’s new in version 2
Keyword tagging: add your own keywords to the actions. You can also search these keywords to create your own categories!
Descriptions: add your own notes to each action.
Image link: store an image next to each action so you can see what the action does.
Execute multiple actions: execute multiple actions in one step. For example, execute a BW conversion followed by a toning action.
Flatten automatically: choose to flatten your image before or after executing an action, or both!
Installation program: it is not necessary to copy the scripts manually.