Ample Sound AGG2 2.5.1

Ample Sound AGG2 v2.5.1 | Mac OS X | 3.9 GB.

AGG (Ample Guitar G) is recorded with the Gibson Les Paul Custom R8 guitar, with 5000 samples, 22 frets, groups of neck and neck pickup instruments + bridge 2.

String Roll Editor: can clearly show fingering, articulation, expression and even execution noise. Each note has 8 attributes: height, speed, length, exit speed, articulation, legato, vibrato and curvature, with which a delicate lick can be made. It says – Random Riff Generator: a click will create a new inspiration because it is not simply a random algorithm. On the contrary, it summarizes the rules by analyzing a lot of scores. Conversion of multiple formats: conversion between Riff, MIDI, multiple tab formats, each fingering, articulation, expression, humanizations will automatically become a MIDI key switch and controller.

The Tab Player can load and play several prevalent guitar tablature file formats. Users can load, view and play any specific track within a tablature file. When used in DAW, the Tab Player also allows users to export the tablature as an audio file. The Tab Player supports all the fingerings, loops, chords, articulations and other markers in the loaded tablature. Joints of compatible articulations include: strumming, natural harmonic, artificial harmonic, hammer on / off, trill, bending, tremolo bar, legato sliding, sliding in, sliding out, vibrato, tremolo selection, palm mute, pop , tapping, leaving ring, Staccato, Dead Note, Grace Note, Ghost Note, Accented Note,

As a built-in function, the Tab Player works perfectly with the Ample Sound instrument engine, which has an extremely custom guitar playing logic for modeling a real-world guitar being played. The Tab Player can even judge by itself to automatically add some refining joints when it is deemed appropriate, such as hitting strings or body, or other realistic and indispensable noises. Strumming is an important factor in playing the guitar. Taking advantage of the Ample Guitar Strummer engine, the Tab Player can not only mix different joints in strumming, but can also alternate between strumming several strings (ie, several notes) simultaneously and strumming on a particular string (ie, a note) .