iCash 7.6.5

iCash 7.6.5 | Mac OS X | 54.54 MB.

iCash is a program specially designed to control your personal finances, recording your income, expenses, debts and banking transactions. It is as simple as creating the accounts you will need and transferring amounts between them. You will not even need accounting knowledge.

iCash is a complete personal management program for Macintosh and Windows that is very versatile and easy to use. iCash has been designed with the aim of controlling all types of financial matters without having prior knowledge of accounting. iCash provides a very simple way to control the income, expenses and banking transactions both personally and professionally. iCash is ideal for clubs, associations, self-employed workers, small businesses or simply to manage your domestic accounting. In a few minutes you can start creating accounts and record transactions between them.

iCash is first of all a simple program to handle that does not require previous knowledge of accounting. For this reason, it does not use the counterpart system of standard accounting. In fact iCash is not an accounting program but rather a management one. Simply create accounts for your expenses, income, banks … etc … and start transferring money between them. iCash provides you with a complete set of tools to quickly find out where your money comes from and where it goes and in what proportion. iCash has an advanced SQL database engine integrated with a system of automatic queries and reports. All accounts are perfectly organized in predefined categories and subcategories created by the user. This structuring allows consulting transactions according to certain criteria or generating reports in seconds.

Available in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Swedish, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

– No prior accounting knowledge is required.
– User-friendly all-in-one interface.
– Total compatibility of documents between Mac and PC.
– Unlimited creation of accounts, categories and contacts.
– Classification of accounts by categories and types.
– Foreign exchange support and exchange rate editor.
– Follow-up of the reconciliation of transactions.
– Programming of periodic transactions. – Generation of detailed reports by period. – Transaction search system according to multiple criteria.
– Support for the creation of budgets.
– Classification of transactions by projects.

– Creation of graphics by account, type of account or category.
– Import and export of accounts, categories and transactions. (OFX, QIF, CSV)
– Advanced SQL database engine with automatic back-up system.
– Multi-document with keyword protection.