SignalScope Pro 3.8.5

SignalScope Pro v3.8.5 | Mac OS X | 9 MB.

SignalScope Pro 3 builds on SignalScope’s tradition of award-winning design and precision measurement capabilities, based on the advanced technology developed for Faber Acoustical’s flagship product, Electroacoustics Toolbox.

SignalScope Pro features
• Hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics for fast real-time plotting
• Quartz-based graphics for still images and high-resolution prints
• Advanced control over input and output devices
• Sensitivity and level calibration of the entire device and of the individual channel
• Support for units, including volts, amperes, pascals and engineering units
• Save configurations and complete data in project files
• Export data to ascii text or MAT files for easy import into other applications
• AppleScript support for measurement automation and remote control