Franzis NATURE projects 1.18.02839

Franzis NATURE projects 1.18.02839 | Mac OS X | 21.47 MB.

Easily determine the weather with the assistant. Will not you always be shown the same holiday photos? Blue sky, sun and white clouds: somehow, all the photos look the same. See new ways and change the weather in your photos.

Always the right climate for your photos.
– Special software for weather effects
– Weather and seasons according to your personal taste
– Easy operation and convincing results
– Add-on for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
– Windows and Mac

The NATURE project weather assistant makes it easy for you to create the Perfect illusion: a total of 14 climatic conditions and the time of day can be configured and combined freely:
+ In the morning and in the evening
+ Trist and sunny
+ Snow and rain showers
+ Fog and clear
+ Spring and autumn
+ Rainbow and storm
+ Fugitive (wind) and sandstorm
+ Includes free plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Use the intelligent weather engine NATURE projects
Weather phenomena such as lightning or nebulae are not placed as graphics on the image in NATURE projects and are loaded, but are generated exactly mathematically. This results in deceptively real representations, but there are simply no exact repetitions.

And NATURE projects can do even more: the program not only produces the flash, but also the mood of the light, the dark sky and the rain! The strength of these weather phenomena can be easily adjusted with sliders and adjusted to your taste.

Let yourself be inspired!
With the “climate scrambler” you can create a random climatic condition of the existing climatic moods. With the push of a button, the weather changes. Just click until you like a certain effect and then just adjust the effect size. The following sample images show the fantastic effects and it’s really that easy!

NATURE projects can do more than just ride …
The daylight stations and the different light sources have a great effect on the image result. Not only the motive, the image distribution and the sharpness contribute to a successful image, but also to the lighting situation.

With the NATURE projects, you can change the light moods in the image with a click of the mouse and conjure up wonderful humor images that perfectly configure your motive in the scene. Which of the two images of humor with the bride in the window do you like the most? How often do you experience that your photo does not reflect the beautiful day as you experienced it? In this case, the sunless effect was applied to the colorless image. Now it does justice to memory.