Keyshot Pro 7.3.40

Keyshot Pro 7.3.40 | Mac OS X | 491.32 MB.

KeyShot is all you need to create fast, accurate and incredible visual images. With a real-time workflow to see your representations and animations take shape instantly, KeyShot reduces the time it takes to create that perfect take. From scientifically accurate material and environment presets to advanced material editing and animation, creating product images or sales and marketing images has never been so easy.

interface The simple user interface of KeyShot is minimal, but powerful, with all the options you need for advanced visualization and no clutter to impede workflow.
Rendering speed
The speed within KeyShot can not be compared. Whether you are on a small laptop or on a network server with multiple CPUs, KeyShot will use all the available cores.
Everything inside KeyShot happens in real time. KeyShot uses a unique rendering technology that makes it possible to see all changes in materials, lighting and cameras instantly.
It is not necessary to be an expert in rendering to create photorealistic images of your 3D model. Simply import your data, assign materials by dragging and dropping them into the model, adjust the lighting and move the camera, Ready.

What’s new in KeyShot 7:

Improved workflow efficiency
Easier ways to set up your scene, work more efficiently and deliver amazing images with speed.
Greater control of material
More control over materials with improvements and editing of advanced material for unlimited possibilities.
Amazing new capabilities
New capabilities to elevate what is possible with geometry, view and render your scenes.
Powerful feature enhancements
More power from import to the creation of animations and interactive visuals of your designs and ideas.
KeyShot is the most accurate representation solution for your 3D data. KeyShot is based on the physical and properly developed rendering engine of Luxion based on research in areas of representation of scientifically accurate material and global lighting.