Pixel Film Studios – TranShadow

Pixel Film Studios – TranShadow | Final Cut Pro X | 28 MB.

TranShadow from Pixel Film Studios gives FCPX users a whole new way to fade from one clip to another. TranShadow allows users to perform cross fades with a solid color, while adding prisms and blur effects. FCPX users can apply TranShadow presets that allow quick and easy application between clips, saving valuable time for any publisher. Each transition has added parallax options to get more kinetic angles between shots.

More than 50 transitions
TranShadow for Final Cut Pro X includes more than 50 different drag-and-drop transition presets. Each preset contains a single shadow cast that masks the first clip and reveals the second clip. TranShadow is an easy-to-use transition, designed with any skill level editor in mind.
Includes channel blur and prism effects
TranShadow contains Prism and Blur controls for an exaggerated speed. The TranShadow presets have the effect of being slow and elegant, or fast and chaotic depending on the user’s style. TranShadow’s flexible distortion and blur options add realism and style to any project.
Drag and drop transitions
TranShadow for Final Cut Pro X is designed as a set of transition tools. FCPX users can apply each preset between the desired clips and adjust the duration accordingly. TranShadow is a simple tool that can be used in video projects or slide shows with still photos.