Money Pro 1.9.1

Money Pro 1.9.1 | Mac OS X | 32.50 MB

With Money Pro you can plan your invoices, prepare budgets and track your accounts. Money Pro is ideal for preparing domestic budgets and also for business use. Calendar

Functions – Mark days in the large calendar to indicate the due date of invoices. – Schedule recurring invoices with a personalized periodicity. Current day view – Take a quick look at the pending invoices. – When you have a transaction, you can approve it quickly. – Money Pro predicts transactions for a given day that may not have been manually scheduled. Pending invoice notifications

– The option of fast reprogramming will help you to manage the pending invoices.

– Create budget entries for both your income and your expenses and indicate budget limits for each entry.
– You can define different budget limits for each period, which is useful if you plan to reduce your expenses progressively from month to month.
– First, add all the transactions you have and observe both the progress of each category and the overall progress.

And much more!