Pixel Film Studios – FCPX: Audio Visualizer Audio Effector

Pixel Film Studios – FCPX: Audio Visualizer Audio Effector | Final Cut Pro X | 2MB

Create organized chaos with FCPX: audio effect of Pixel Film Studios. Scale, knock, color, rotate and flash their means to the beat of the music without having to set a keyframe in FCPX. Users simply have to import your media, choose a song file and customize the look.

Automatic detection of BPM
Based on popular music videos and wallpapers dj, The Audio Effector was designed to help users create editions of metrics that combine perfectly with the beat of your favorite song. FCPX editors can simply choose a wav audio file and AUDIO CASH FCPX will automatically detect the BPM of the track.

Sync media to any audio file
Eleven users have their media and music in place, they can go to the FCPX Inspector window to choose which parameters they want to react to the beat. Publishers can make the scale, position, rotation, color and opacity of the media to change the tempo of your music.

It works with video and images
The FCPX: Audio Effector works with photos, text and video sequences. Publishers can use placement zones easy to use to connect your generator means, choose a song and prepare for release. The audio display has never been so easy in Final Cut Pro X!

Designed for Final Cut Pro X
The FCPX: Audio Effector was professionally designed to operate within Final Cut Pro X. Users simply have to choose your media, select your song and use the FCPX Inspector window to calibrate the look. Do not you be easy with this effect! Let go as hard as your pace!