Mailplane 3.7.4

Mailplane 3.7.4 | Mac OS X | 76.20 MB.

Bring Gmail to your desktop, with all its advantages.
Mailplane is a visual environment for Gmail, ie a graphical interface that allows us to interact with the online service Google Mail as ever, enjoying interesting features.

What makes Mailplane is to combine the best of Gmail (anti-spam protection, global access and almost unlimited storage) to the best of your Mac, such as the ability to drag and drop files so that these are attached to messages so automatic, or send photos from iPhoto optimized.

That is, the photos you want to send using your Gmail account will be instantly optimized with the help of Mailplane added. On theother hand, if you regularly use a Gmail account or more and another for Google Apps, you can now jump from one to another without having to exit and re-enter your login details.

Managing multiple accounts is really flexible because it uses the Mac keychain to remember your login details. What else? If you need a screenshot, do it and you can attach it to a new email with Mailplane. Finally, you have multiple warning systems, including Growl to notify the arrival of new messages or when you speak to contact.