TimeExposure ProSelect Pro 2018 r1.1

TimeExposure ProSelect Pro 2018 r1.1 | Mac OS X | 418 MB.

Software sales person for photographers. ProSelect ProSelect and TimeExposure Pro are the main presentation software packages in person, sales and workflow platform for professional studies.

Sales leads a session in person profession
as a program all in one, ProSelect makes it easier to run a professional sales presentation in person or remotely your customers will love.
No hard sell
ProSelect facilitates the sale of large framed prints, huge canvases, collages, books, cards, groups of walls … just about anything! Heavy selling is required, just show and sell.
Customize the experience
Show your products in real size images of the walls of your client. They will love and buy with confidence.
No more sorting errors
Record your notes retouching add to shopping cart orders and print a report / invoice items with thumbnails for you to sign your customer.
Easy – ons
is easy to sell add – ons such as books, cards and collages to give a boost to your sales. * 1
Presentations and sales impact
designs and presents an exciting presentation slideshow with music. Add slides and even videos for more drama. Export your slide show as a movie .mp4 for promoting or selling.
Increase your profits
Most companies that use ProSelect achieve at least 50% increase in sales. Many report that double or even triple their average sales! This often means that you can pay the cost of the software with the added benefits of the first few times you use it .
Get your life
The production module automates ProSelect high – resolution Photoshop to produce a folder full of lists for the laboratory, collages and books pages pictures while you have your feet up.