ChronoSync 4.8.6

ChronoSync 4.8.6 (macOS) | 68.92 MB

ChronoSync is the professional choice for periodic backups, bootable drive clones and folder synchronizations. Target any device or folder visible in Finder such as a volume, thumb drive, NAS, disk image, server or (with ChronoAgent) another Mac! ChronoSync replaces your backup utility, drive clone utility, and folder sync utility with a single, powerful application. Get push notifications of your syncs sent to your phone with ChronoMonitor. Add InterConneX (free for iOS) and use ChronoSync to push files and folders to your iDevice!

Fully customizable toolbar
All settings are stored in separate files that can be edited at any time
Synchronization in two directions
drafting rules to filter the files by various attributes
Compare files before sync
Run a test to verify the results of synchronization before performing operations
history of synchronization, which can be printed or saved to a file
Automatic synchronization on a schedule
Use AppleScripts to automate synchronization

ChronoSync 4.8.3
Implemented the all-new ‘False Mount’ Readiness Test that checks to see if one of the targets is referencing a folder in the “/Volumes” folder
Eliminated the possibility that ChronoSync would ever create a phantom volume in the “/Volumes” folder because the OS lost connection to a server or local device but failed to return an error message to ChronoSync
Added logic to work around High Sierra bugs when renaming files on file servers as part of a Safe Copy or Archive Move operation
The Validator and sync engine now filter out some legacy Finder Flags when detecting attribute changes
Tweaked the IO throttling logic so that full throttle is restored after 10 seconds of system inactivity versus 30 in previous versions
Changed auto-update checks so they are not performed when syncs are running
Removed a bunch of unnecessary user interface updates when changing a target’s volume
Invoking the ChronoSync Organizer or Preferences window will now terminate auto-quit, if we were invoked for scheduled synchronization
We now consistently produce data verification diagnostic output based on the DataVerificationAudit plist setting
Improved mirrored log file behavior by recreating mirrored log file if necessary to avoid situations where the mirrored log file may have been deleted while still posting messages to it
The ChronoSync Scheduler now tries to keep the system awake a little longer after triggering a task to run
Improved user-controlled diagnostics for the Scheduler and Validator
Changed how the ChronoSync Scheduler checks for missed jobs that could lead to erroneous triggering of sync jobs after a system wakes
Fixed a bug whereby ‘Run Once’ scheduled items would not always run on the minute they were intended but would launch one minute later
Fixed a bug whereby ‘Run Once’ scheduled items would repeatedly run after their first execution because they would not disable themselves
We now turn off left or right target triggers if they are enabled but the target volume is not suitable for a live-trigger scheduled item
Fixed a bug whereby adding a scheduled item from the Scheduled Task Manager window would fail if the first Sync Task document known to the program could not be found on disk
Fixed a bug in the Validator whereby marking mismatched entries would result in forced-conflicts if the task was configured as a mirror
Fixed a bug in the Validator whereby it could try to reference an object that doesn’t exist, resulting in a crash
Fixed a bug in the Validator whereby a NULL Finder comment was considered different from an empty Finder comment
Fixed a bug in the Validator whereby, when NOT validating out-of-sync items, we failed to have the synchronizer refresh the attributes of each file pair. That could lead to an incorrect determination of whether or not the file-pair is considered out-of-sync
Fixed a bug whereby the Validator had no additional logic to deal with package mismatch scenarios. It was thus prone to reporting modification date differences when one target thought a folder was a package but the other didn’t
Fixed a bug in the Validator whereby the ‘Package Handling’ setting of ‘dissect’ was not being taken into consideration when validating modification dates
Fixed a bug whereby translated resources for the Access Restrictions user interface were never merged in with the program
Fixed a localization bug whereby target descriptions were not being properly constructed in Japanese
Fixed a crashing bug introduced by a change to how Google Cloud returns metadata values. The change occurred somewhere around Nov. 1st, 2017
Fixed a bug whereby changing the connection method for a target between “Mounted Volumes” and “Mounted Volumes (Admin Access)” would revert to a “/Volumes” relative path on the boot drive
Fixed a bug whereby the “Confirmation Test” connection role was never being sent to a ChronoAgent when testing a connection
Fixed a bug that occurs when probing SFTP servers for their capabilities that could result in a failed connection
Fixed a bug whereby selecting a target identical to the previous one would not clear the “Configured on a different system” readiness warning
Fixed bug in preparing and updating the progress bar when performing a Sync Selection or Trial Sync Selection operation
Fixed a bug whereby disabling the summary sheet in a container task window would prevent the window from being closable
The Trial Sync Selector sheet window no longer crashes if the task is aborted behind its back (such as when targets become lost)
Fixed a bug whereby resetting the sync history would not ‘forget’ certain values
Fixed a bug whereby evaluating rules was not thread safe resulting in possible problems during concurrent operations
Fixed a bug whereby a forced attribute sync on a folder would trick the pruning logic into pruning that folder if no child items were processed
Fixed a bug whereby file servers could fail to refresh their displayed state in the Analyze Panel after performing a sync, deletion or restore
Fixed a bug whereby trying to apply attributes to a folder that was really an alias to a folder (with resolve aliases enabled), would wipe out the alias
Fixed a bug whereby resetting the status of a force-sync’d file-pair would not refresh the file pair and thus not immediately show the correct status of the file pair
Implemented a workaround to a bug in the ‘bless’ utility whereby a bootable APFS volume might not appear when invoking Startup Manager (Option-Boot)
Fixed a bug that affected the Bootable Backup assistant to ensure that if multiple volumes exist in an APFS container, only bootable volumes can be chosen as the source target
Fixed a bug whereby presenting the Termination Window (i.e. “There are scheduled syncs running, do you really want to quit?”) would eventually cause the menubar to stop animating
ChronoAgent 1.6.2:
Eliminated overzealous authd system log messages triggered by the ChronoAgent Monitor
Fixed a bug whereby ChronoAgent was failing a WAN-IP check because we were attempting to access the dynamic DNS service webpage using http:// instead of https://