Comic Life 3.5.8

Comic Life 3.5.8 MAS | Mac OS X | 67.58 MB.

There are many programs to create presentations and albums with your own pictures, but few as original as Comic Life.
With Comic Life you can create photo albums using the typical layout of comics. That is, dividing pages vignettes, adding sandwiches, dialogues and other signs.

The best, no doubt, is how easy it is to use Comic Life. To create your own comic, just select the structure of the vignettes, drag the images you want to use and apply one of the available filters. And to define the dialogue, just include snacks and add text. As simple as that!

From Comic Life Options, you can change the type, color and font size; change the alignment, defining elements in the foreground and background, change the style of lettering, change the background color of the page, among other possibilities.