Dungeon Gambit Boy

Dungeon Gambit Boy | 101.40 MB

Dungeon Gambit Boy is a game of constantly aggressive platforms where you are a guy living in caves and must rescue the villagers lost by the long roads of Blaite universe, equipped with elegant clothes, a bow and funny and helpless fists .

Boy Gambit is able to move through its various obstacles thanks to its agility and cunning.

The danger will be great , his death will be indefinite and obstacles mine land without mercy. Meanwhile, you take off to enjoy the compassion of the hero to save these villagers.

Experience the essence that you know multiplied to the maximum, and play your way without any rules.

  • More than 100 levels you’ll enjoy for hours and you’ll never be repeated again and again.
  • Choose between the girl and the boy knives bow.
  • Versus mode.
  • maximum replayability
  • Compete with your friends at Funny Local Multiplayer mode.
  • Unlock all achievements.
  • Cries and laughs throughout your cruise Dungeon Gambit Boy.