Money Pro 1.9

Money Pro 1.9 (macOS) | 31.94 MB

Money Pro is the one place for bill planning, budgeting and keeping track of your accounts. Easy sync with iPhone/iPad versions. Money Pro works great for home budgeting and even for business use.

Mark days on the big calendar when your bills are due.
Schedule recurring bills with custom periodicity.
Filter transactions by selecting dates on the calendar.

Today view
Take a quick glance at bills due.
When you actually have a transaction, approve it quickly.
Money Pro predicts transactions for the day that may not have been scheduled manually.

Bills due notifications
A whole system of reminders will alert you of upcoming bills.
Quick rescheduling option will help you deal with bills due (tomorrow, in 3 days, next week).
Create budgeted entries, both for your income and expenses, and indicate budget limits for each entry.
You can set different budget limits for every period, which is useful if you plan to reduce your spending gradually month by month.
Start adding every transaction you have, and see progress of each category and the overall progress.
Monitor visual indicators for budget overspending.
Select the category you want to analyze and examine a budget trend chart generated on the fly.

Budget rollover
You can set budgets to transfer the leftover of the current period to the next budget period.
Budget rollover limits your spending automatically if you overspent in previous periods.

Checkbook register
Unlimited number of accounts in one place (checking, savings, credit card, etc).
Setting transactions as recurring or as one-time only.
Balance change history.
Additional fields for organizing your records including payee, description, check #, class (personal/business travel expenses).
Attachment of receipt photos.

Account reconciliation
You can record transactions and clear them later on (reconcile).
Automatically calculated available balance and cleared balance.

Version 1.9
Great news! Now you can use Online Banking. Connect banks and download your data. To connect your Bank, go to Balance tab -> Add -> Online Banking.