Pixel Film Studios – Progun

Pixel Film Studios – Progun | Final Cut Pro X | 144 MB.

Participates in your own action movie with Progun ™ Pixel Film Studios ™. With more than 30 presets of mouth fire effect for Final Cut Pro X, has full control of the effects of fire from its mouth with a few clicks of the mouse. Turn the fire of his snout in three – dimensional space, choose your color and even control the barrel of his subject with Final Cut Pro X.

Turn muzzle 3D file
Progun has the ability to lean to the left or right, and even to up or down. Turn your mouth fire angle that best suits your footage. With Progun, you can also combine the fire of your snout with more than one or paste with an effect of mouth. With each published parameter, you can frame the fire of his snout to move your footage in Final Cut Pro X.

More than 30 presets
Progun offers more than 30 customizable presets to give your next action an additional flare. Select one or more fire snout, each with its own individual style. Customize your hue, saturation, opacity, blur, amount of fire and more. Each category offers fun and easy to use published parameters for all Final Cut Pro X. on

screen controls
With Progun, we provide on-screen controls to locate and scale firing his gun with onscreen controls for position, scale and angle of your flash. Click and drag each item to the desired location. With each category has up to eight control points that give you the ability to control the range of the flash emitted backward from his arm fire, all with a click of the mouse.