Inboard 1.1.3

Inboard 1.1.3 | Mac OS X | 9,65 MB.

Inboard helps organize your images and pictures as your own private version, based on the desktop Pinterest. It helps you organize images that would otherwise get lost in the Finder and serves as a source of inspiration you can browse and inspiration for your next project.

Improved workflow
If the value of simplicity then inside the helmet is for you. Most applications compete in the one with the most features. We are not one of those applications. We are focused on perfecting a great workflow for collecting and organizing inspiration. Consciously we eliminate things that are not essential for the best viewing experience and organization.

Pretty similar to Pinterest
Like Pinterest and Dribbble, but prefer a digital notebook based on the desktop to view the image files where its performance is not limited by your web browser and not be distracted by millions of chips. View your images in an impressive network that can take full screen.

Built for speed
Because that’s what matters when you’re in the area and want to do the job. There is no better alternative for the maximum speed a native Mac application.

Screenshots Full Page
Capture full page images with Chrome, Safari or Firefox without installing an extension. Page title and URL are automatically saved for future reference as well.

Dribbble on the desktop
Dribbble is great. But sometimes you want to see and find your Dribbble likes fast on your desktop. Now you can. And if needed, link Internet is just a click away.

Organize with labels
If you are a user label relatively high, it can be overwhelming to remember all the labels you’ve used. That is why inside the helmet has all labels to see where you can quickly browse your images by their respective labels.

Supported file formats
You need not worry if you are storing your inspiration in PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD, AI or PDF. Inboard support them very well.