Picktorial | Mac OS X | 85.81 MB.

Picktorial editor is a powerful, smooth and intuitive photo provided tools to enhance and retouch photos. Make local adjustments to RAW images, retouch portraits, add filters, watermarks and more. Now it integrates with OS X Photos, so you can enjoy the power of Picktorial directly from Photos. Or you can continue to use Picktorial for individual photos or folders, avoiding the import process time-consuming in other applications.

Picktorial offers a wide range of tools, all of which operate completely non – destructively and live preview. Built exclusively for Mac. Picktorial takes full advantage of the latest features and technologies such as Cocoa Mac, OpenCL, OpenGL, Core Image, Grand Central Dispatch, 64 bits, Retina display, Auto-save, Time Machine and much more!

• Editing tools
• Real Edition, nondestructive
• Editing RAW
• Presets professional
• Browser and image organizer built