TableEdit Pro 1.3.5

TableEdit Pro 1.3.5 (macOS) | 27.8 MB

TableEdit – edit spreadsheets in a simple, clean & elegant way
TableEdit is a simple, clean & elegant spreadsheet application designed specifically for OS X. TableEdit features a minimalistic yet intuitive interface and has convenient features like formulae, charts and exhaustive cell styling options as well as comprehensive import & export options.

Version 1.3.5
IMPORTANT: TableEdit now costs 9.99$ so that we can continue developing it
IMPORTANT: ‘TableEdit-Lite’ continues to be free and is available on our homepage
Added option to use ‘Python’ scripts to calculate cell contents, see FAQ
Pressing ‘F9′ now “re-calculates” the whole table and all formulae, just like Excel
Add option to export the whole spreadsheet to a PDF
Add FAQ entries on how to export to PDF, on how to change column widths and on moving rows up or down
Fixed parenthesis getting dropped from forumlae when pasting them to other cells
Fixed parenthesis getting dropped from forumlae when adding, removing or moving rows or columns