Pixel Film Studios – ProRuin

Pixel Film Studios – ProRuin – Grunge Professional Techniques (Final Cut Pro X) | 1.11 GB

Create grungy, gritty movie you’ve always wanted with PRORUIN by Pixel Film Studios. This collection of over 100 presets for Final Cut Pro X and 50 video compositions allows you to add textures, burns, splashes and colors moving his film to give it that dynamic appearance.

Destroy your movie
destroys your film … in a good way. Add ProRuin your images in Final Cut Pro X is the easiest way to add dirt, burns and splatters your movie without turning the camera on fire or submerging it in paint. Creates endless unique looks and grungy any of your images.

You have to fight…
With more than 100 stunning ruined for Final Cut Pro X and 50 ProRes, ProRuin effects it gives you the tools to follow. Choose from 1 of the 10 types of effects (including water damage, effects of splashing and chaos), or multiple layers styles to create grittier and more crazy looks.

Handmade items
using numerous techniques and equipment, artists from Pixel Film Studios created all elements burned and splattered in ProRuin hand, burning and grungificando different materials and textures. Even we get our hair and scan it for you, so you do not have to.

Customizable in FCPX
ProRuin brings never seen before personalization grunge effects in Final Cut Pro X. With easy to use sliders and controls that are in the FCPX Inspector, publishers can change individual colors, scales, spots and opacity grunge elements.