The Signal From Tolva Polar Regions

The Signal From Tolva Polar Regions | 944.44 MB

The Signal From Hopper is a game first – person exploration and combat, set in a beautiful world of science fiction hand painted and handmade.

Key Features
Explore a shooting game for a single player in a strange and vast alien landscape.
Fighting a war control territory from the dynamic and ferocious AI.
Robots recruit allies to fight alongside you.
Equips electronic countermeasures, weapons and plasma shields wild ray for intense skirmishes.
Unlock the secrets of the signal and enjoy the rich and complex fictional universe behind the hopper with our free Lorebook book in PDF.
Delve into the mystery of science fiction as you investigate the disturbing HOPPER highlands.

The story so far
in the distant future, the protagonists robotic factions examine the ruins of an ancient civilization. In the highlands of HOPPER, under the shade of abandoned war machines, they found something.

Was the signal source you so interested? And the road will lead to enlightenment, or something more sinister? Abduct a drone and start searching for yourself.

The Signal From HOPPER is a trip to a wild and bizarre landscape of science fiction, full of danger and beauty must survive terrible dangers, navigate impossible spaces and fight a constant battle to control this bewitched and ravaged world. Explore considered strange texts and find peace between battles. You will use a variety of powerful tools to defeat their enemies and discover secrets: hack robots to fight alongside you, equip powerful weapons and detonate defense systems wild.

Fight, explore and solve the mystery of The Signal From HOPPER!