NetWorker 4.8.1

NetWorker 4.8.1 MAS | Mac OS X | 14.59 MB.

NetWorker is a lightweight and easy to use tool that displays network information in the menu bar. It is fully customizable and supports adapters wired and wireless network.

NetWorker features:

  • Vista fully customizable. You can view the following properties (both discharge and loading are supported):
  • Speed
  • Traffic Sign
  • Graphic
  • Total traffic
  • resettable traffic.
  • You can choose the network adapter to watch for. Adapters wired and wireless are supported!
  • Adjustable update interval.
  • Choose from a byte or bit mode.
  • Use icons color or black / white in the menu bar.
  • Support for automatic startup.
  • Traffic Overview: Use this feature if in a limited volume plan.