Tecplot 360 EX 2018 R1 2018.1.1.87425

Tecplot 360 EX 2018 R1 2018.1.1.87425 | Mac OS X | 157.51 MB.

Tecplot: software engineering plotting with extensive functionality of XY, 2D and 3D. The program is designed to measure operational data, test data construction, mathematical analysis and engineering construction in general. Tecplot users can now use the wide variety of open source libraries available. When performing any development project or scientific use this software to draw and display, which will help present their work in the most favorable way. And if you’re planning to present your data in a new, better and different way, then Tecplot gives you full control over the parameters of 2D and 3D drawing.

One of the most important new features of this product is the ability to write scripts in Python. This feature was created specifically for engineers who require additional analysis (FFTs, splines, statistical functions, etc.) as well as the flexibility it offers the ability to write scripts, compared with writing macros

Chorus is included in Tecplot 360 2017. customers with maintenance service Tecplus Chorus ™ have access to, in essence, merging our two most powerful products. Chorus has a unique set of features that help scientists and engineers to explore large sets of data from multiple simulations.

Unified data and project management
Create and manage multiple sets of CFD solutions.
Filter cases project using interactive filtering.
Evaluate the data field using CFD Tecplot 360.
Creating and managing assets from plots to data extraction.

Surrogate Advanced Modeling and Analysis
Create models multidimensional substitutes.
Display multiple views of CFD results and physical flow field in a unified environment.
Explore the results of the project with linked tables, XY and multidimensional views dispersion.

Fast comparative analysis of field data
evaluate system performance with n matrices not side by side comparisons.
Compare the differences pixel by pixel for images selected track.
Calculate the quantitative differences between the output variables in a grid for cases selected Tecplot 360.

Creating batch path without macros
Create and apply templates to generate graphics in a set of cases and to extract data and data profiles field full volume in a set of cases.
Take Tecplot macros for analysis and visualization of specialized data.
Remove the outputs and scalar field data, including forces, moments and similar highs.
Present and manage multiple batch jobs.

Exploration and rapid visualization of physical
Take advantage of new technology to accelerate SSL processing times by an order of magnitude.
Pre-calculation to quickly analyze complete sets simulation case. Graphics
Quickly view images and data plotting of the solution of the flow field with a single mouse click.
Explore and filter a series of images of paths.
Explore the full 3D flow field with Tecplot 360.