File Peek 1.0.3

File Peek 1.0.3 | Mac OS X | 5.25 MB.
File Peek gives you a quick and easy view of your files. Use the built -in hexadecimal editor; get MD5 hash, SHA1 and SHA256, and Base64 with one click; or even change the dates of creation and modification. The built -in hexadecimal editor is compatible with Find / Replace for easy modification, or to search for strings within a file. Use the copy of a click to obtain a hash file or Base64 encoding for use as needed.

Hash MD5, SHA1 and SHA256
Base64 encoding
viewer / editor hex built with full search and replace
View and change the dates of creation and modification
View file size, group and owner
Use drag and drop the File menu or the Dock icon to open files easily
it Includes service shortcut “Open in File Peek”
Supports display details of multiple files at once