OmmBits 1.0.0

OmmBits 1.0.0 | 55.57 MB

Introducing OmmBits, an instant teleport to a short writing experience. OmmBits is an instant access to a minimal world where you can better isolate your thoughts and focus on your words. Key Features:
• Like a very short teleportation.
• Like a note taking app in a more minimal and relaxing space.
• Almost as if you could write with your eyes closed.
• We imagine OmmBits as a copy/paste canvas. You get in, you write, copy and paste into your word editor, email or presentation software.
• Although you can open as many “pages” as you want and it will always save them, there’s no files manager or exporting options.
• OmmBits belongs to the OmmWriter family. And because OmmWriter can be sometimes too immersive we’ve created a ‘lite’ experience for short sessions.
• OmmBits has no music background, keyboard sound effects, or background choices. Just a clean window, silence and a minimal interface that will disappear when you stop writing.
• OmmBits. It’s your blank writing canvas.

OS X 10.10+