Airfoil 5.7.1

Airfoil 5.7.1 | Mac OS X | 14.14 MB.

Play music remotely without iTunes
Airfoil is an application that sends the sound played on your Mac to any device available without cables.
With Airfoil, audio from your Mac will play on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, AirPort Express, Apple TV and any AirPlay compatible device.

Let the music
play The goal of Airfoil is that you can play music and audio files from your Mac on other devices remotely, wirelessly, using wireless connection.

The process is simple: You open Airfoil, you choose the station and ready source. You can play audio from Spotify, iTunes, QuickTime, Safari, audio from your Mac and any other application that can play or make a sound.
With Airfoil you can regulate the sound and apply effects using the built -in equalizer.

Although Airfoil seem complex, it is not. Does the dirty work application, you just have to choose the emitting source and the receiving device.

design Airfoil is very simple and works through pull – down menus.

Regarding stability , Airfoil correctly reproduces the sound while it may be some delay or cuts if your connection is not very good.