Pins – The Bookmarks App 2.1.4

Pins – The Bookmarks App 2.1.4 | Mac OS X | 10.56 MB.

If you are OCD or just interested in your bookmarks, Pins is the app for you.

Easy but powerful ******* ********
Pins is easy to use, but also offers flexibility when working with your bookmarks.
You can use tags, folders, colored labels, classification and some of your favorite favorites to catalog and easily retrieve what you are looking for .

******** Many ways to view your bookmarks ********
The different views can be adapted to different needs. Are you more than one person or folder more than one person tag? Do you prefer to find markers that have changed or added or seen lately? Pins offers many different options to suit your workflow whether you are a professional web developer, a researcher or simply want to keep the collection of bookmarks in which he has been working for years.

******** graphics Thumbnails and live preview ********
Pins offers views graphs to visually examine your favorite sites, previous live preview, you can add notes to individual markers, store your username and password if needed and, more importantly, synchronize this information in different Mac.

Delicious and Pinboard ******** ******** board
Pins is also a complete Delicious and Pinboard client and allows you to use your bookmarks online from your application and synchronize changes in real time.

******** sort and search as you like ********
can also sort your library or bookmarks in folders by date, title, URL, qualification or favorite. Search within the application is extremely powerful and can be adjusted accurately to search titles, URLs, notes, folders, labels, etc.

******** Import from browsers and extensions to save bookmarks in a single click! ********
You can import bookmarks from Safari, Chrome, Firefox easily (first need to export an HTML file). Pins comes equipped with powerful browser extensions that allow you to store bookmarks on pins without leaving your favorite web browser.