Slime Rancher Mochis Megabucks

Slime Rancher Mochis Megabucks | 491.50 MB

Welcome to the distant, distant prairie
Slime Rancher is a captivating gaming experience. Play as LeBeau Beatrix ‘. Faraway, Faraway Prairie’ a young intrepid ranchera who ventures into a life a thousand light years from Earth in the

Each day presents new challenges and opportunities while trying risky amass a fortune in the business of raising slimes. Collect colorful slimes, grow crops, harvesting resources and exploring untamed wilderness areas to master your purpose vacpack.

Claim your right
Renowned Hobson rancher Twillgers happened to you his ranch. Put him back on track, discover the hidden secrets in this mysterious planet and dominates the market Plorts.

  • Grow your crops and rearing chicks to feed your hungry slimes collection.
  • Full daily requests from other rancheros for additional rewards.
  • Earn money to improve your vacpack and build or expand your ranch corrals.
  • Slime uses science to find rare resources, create decorations and manufacturing artifacts that will help you in your adventures.
  • Explore a vast world filled with many secrets and hidden treasures.

slimetásticas features:

  • Choose 3 games: Adventure, Casual and Race Day Five
  • Get creative and combine slimes to create more than 150 hybrid slimes
  • Take advantage of our full backing to the controller if you think keyboards are to play music rather than games