Algo Bot

Algo Bot | 1.11 GB

In the depths of Europe pangaláctica colony ship, the crew finds itself in a state of stasis while dreaming of his new life on the other side of the galaxy.

But no rest for Something Bot, Android service working on the platform scrap. When a routine mission recycling cantankerous COMPI his boss is out of hand, the magnitude of the crisis calls into the heart of Europe ship.

Unless something Bot COMPI and repair systems and restore Europe’s AI control ship quickly, will not wake up for anyone.

As a player, you will become operator and will use visual programming language to introduce scripts in Something Bot. Will you be able to solve all the puzzles?


  • bittersweet story with two heroes adorable.
  • More than 40 puzzles programming located in 5 unique scenarios to explore.
  • Accessible for beginners and challenging enough for experts puzzles.
  • Play with different programming concepts (mola, seriously).
  • Back to previous levels to optimize your results.
  • Stunning 3D graphics.
  • British touch: once again we have collaborated with Joseph J Clark, Epistory writer, to give something Bot a light frame with a touch of British humor.

Programming fundamentals that are included in the game (after all, you can learn)

  • Sequential lines with limited command syntax.
  • Program planning (code creates mentally and depúralo).
  • V ariables management.
  • Functions.
  • Recursive functions.
  • Depuration.
  • Optimization strategies.