Pixel Film Studios – PROWALL: Volume 1

Pixel Film Studios – PROWALL: Volume 1 (Final Cut Pro X | 18.46 MB

Video wall styles for FCPX

Want to create a wall of monitors showing each a different image or clip? With PROWALL Pixel Film Studios, users can create video walls, rooms and tunnels directly into Final Cut Pro X, and then navigate to the viewer through them with a 3D camera. With 60 different designs and customization options, the possibilities are endless.

Create your Wonderwall
Today will be the day when we will bring PROWALL. Fill drop zones and moving the camera is all you have to do. Whether you are telling a story through images or creating a background for your scene, PROWALL can be the one to save.

60 unique designs for FCPX
With 60 unique designs, PROWALL can create a video wall for any situation. Quickly and easily make title sequences, slideshows, backdrops or corporate videos directly into Final Cut Pro X using your own footage or images.

Move in a 3D environment
Do you want to move or slide to see new videos and images on your video wall? With PROWALL, you can control a 3D camera in the FCPX Inspector to see the wall from all angles. This ability allows you to tell a story through your images as you progress through the wall, room or tunnel you have created.

Designed for Final Cut Pro X
The team Pixel Film Studios PROWALL meticulously created so users could create and manipulate stunning 3D video walls, rooms, tunnels and environments directly within Final Cut Pro X viewer without having to import them from other software.