Sound Ideas Ambience III Sound Effects Library CDDA

Sound Ideas Sound Effects Library Ambience III CDDA | MP3 & WAV | 7.28 GB.

The sound effects library Ambience III of 10,000 Series Sound Ideas provides your passport to 28 different countries and regions with 300 national free sound effects copyright – length, available for download or audio CD 14.

We can locate in the heart of the Big Apple with 5 CD dedicated to a wide range of backgrounds, environments and characteristic sounds directly from New York City. And there are more than 60 additional sound effects of forests, water, rural, rain, residential, city, construction, industry, traffic, public, room, office and other environments. 850 minutes effects of RF outstanding sound: sound effects library of 10,000 Ambience III series.

Content list
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300 free sound effects Rights
Available in 14 Audio CD
Also available as a download in file formats 16 / 44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 WAV
includes ambient sounds from 28 different countries and national regions:
Australia, Belgium, Boliva Brazil, China, Czech Republic, England
France, Germany, Guatemala, Hawaii, Hungary, India, Italy, Luxembourg ,
Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland ,
Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela
Sounds and funds the signing of the New York city

Contents of this collection of sound effects:

Granary, foreign environments: Australia, Belgium, Boliva, Brazil

Cities, construction, countrysides, foreign environments: Brazil, China

indoor and outdoor crowds, forests, foreign environments: Czech Republic, England

Harbors, foreign environments: France, Germany, Guatemala, Hawaii. Hungary

Industries, Foreign Environments: India

Foreign Environments: Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands

Environments New York: airport, bank, bar, boat, bus terminal, district Chinese city

Environments New York – city, construction, crowds

Environments New York: horse, hotel, library, market, office, park

New York environments: park, restaurant, shop, metro, traffic

environments New York – Traffic, Railway Station

Offices, rain, foreign environments: New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland

Residential, restaurants, room tones, schools, traffic, foreign environments: Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey

Wetlands: falls, oceans, rivers, streams, foreign environments: Turkey, Venezuela