BlueHarvest 7.0.3

BlueHarvest 7.0.3 | Mac OS X | 9.69 MB.

Disables the creation of files Desktop Service Store (DS_Store) and Resource fork (_AppleDouble).
If you do not know what these files, it is best to not go through with it. Actually creates the Finder to store information about directories and files included in the repertoires of your units (DS_Store) or to save files on a volume that is not formatted natively, ie SMB, UFS or NTFS.

It is important to remove these files because they can cause problems with certain programs or storage devices. BlueHarvest is a control panel through which you can disable file creation DS_Store and Resource fork in specific volumes and delete existing ones .

You can change the permissions of certain applications to create files, so that obviates creating DS_Store and Resource fork, but also avoid creating Resource fork based on the file extension, and finally scan and delete such files a unit or mounted volume.