Autodesk Mudbox 2018.2

Autodesk Mudbox 2018.2 | Mac OS X | 802 MB.

Digital painting software and Autodesk Mudbox sculpture gives 3D artists a set of intuitive and tactile tools to create and modify 3D geometry and textures. Mudbox use the software to create 3D geometry and high – quality textures for your next project. Take advantage of intuitive environment work and professional tools for sculpting and 3D painting.

Best – based workflows brush
Improve workflows based brush when working with polygons and textures of low resolution and low bits.
Sculpting Falloff options
for brushes, choose Options Falloff volume or area, in addition to the default Hybrid mode.
Brush relaxation
Use Restrict to the surface in the new brush relaxation to equalize spaces between the apices while only the minimum changes in the original form of a mesh.
Brush turn to grab
the function Grab Twist tool helps you wring all vertices within the circle of falling sculpting brush clockwise or counterclockwise. Use it to create soft ice cream rotated as service objects, rotate your ears and eyes on the head of a character, or twist the mouth of a character to create a smile or frown.
Toolkit Professional digital sculpture
Get fast, smooth and accurate results.
Direct painting on 3D models
True 3D paint across multiple channels in multiple formats.
Bake texture
Create accurate maps of normal travel, displacement and ambient occlusion.