Pixel Film Studios – ProHud: Volume 1

Pixel Film Studios – ProHud: Volume 1 | Final Cut Pro X | 25.23 MB.

The two things that the future is promised flying cars and transparent surfaces touch screen. With PROHUD Pixel Film Studios, you can have one in your next futuristic Sci-Fi film by creating your own interface Heads Up Display in FCPX. Simply drag and drop the items HUD’s timeline and stack them to create a unique and fresh look inside Final Cut Pro X.

Create your own interface
When stacking PROHUD ™ elements in your timeline Final Cut Pro X, you can quickly create unique and futuristic looks endless. Simple drag and drop as many items as you want and then reorder, resize and color to your liking. Even add static and scanning lines to interface to mimic a monitor screen.

More than 50 interface elements
With over 50 items to choose from HUD interface (including fields, frames, radars, graphs and waveforms), the options are endless. Simply drag and drop some or many of the generators PROHUD ™ one above the other in FCPX timeline and create all kinds of futuristic touch interfaces within minutes.

Move your HUD in 3D space
Want to see the incredible detail in your heads? With PROHUD ™, you can control a 3D camera in the FCPX Inspector to see the interface elements from all angles. This abilitiy gives its effect elements being projected from the screen surface or interface.