Nektony Disk Expert 2.6.0

Nektony Disk 2.6.0 Expert | Mac OS X | 6.10 MB.

Disk space to explore, reporting and processing.

Will provide the information you need to better understand and manage the contents of your disk space.
Scans the hard drive and visually shows the use of disk space diagram sunlight, discover the most voluminous content and generates the list of the largest files and folders that are on your Mac.
It was designed to help you manage properly the hard drive of your Mac. it provides all the information you need to know about your disk space.
You can do more than you can just give detailed and accurate information about the contents of your disk space. It helps you analyze and manage your use of the ability to collect the files and folders on the special list, which can be transferred to other units or even eliminate them .
It supports volumes of hard disks, CDs and DVDs, removable USB drives, mounted disk images and even images of small and medium enterprises disk.

key features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Analyze internal and external drives.
  • High-speed scanning
  • Show results during the scanning process
  • Clear visual report on disk usage
  • Report on larger files
  • selective exploration
  • Growing list of files