Audio Assault FreakQ 305 1.0

Audio Assault FreakQ 305 v1.0 | Windows / Mac OS X | 346 MB.

FreakQ 305 is a nonlinear analog equalizer inspired by embracing the power of your DAW while providing the brightness and warmth of analog! This equalizer allows you to sculpt and shape your tone of unknown forms to create something truly unique! Focus on delivering the flavor without the noise analogue, FreakQ 305 does not model any specific piece of analog hardware. Rather, the focus is on bringing the familiar workflow and harmonic brightness of analog EQ to your DAW, while adding some unique features that make it unique.

As gain is increased or decreased in a band eq, FreakQ 305 adds harmonics to the signal. This feature alone makes FreakQ 305 is a very powerful tool itself. However, using the “Scale” control may exaggerate the effects of FreakQ 305 dramatically!