Jettison 1.6

Jettison 1.6 | Mac OS X | 3.78 MB.

Jettison: the application automatically unmount external drives the Mac, before the computer enters sleep mode. In short, once you close the lid of your Macbook, then all external drives connected razmonirovany including Time Machines.

Simplifies those last seconds when you grab your MacBook and go running. Simply close the lid and Jettison automatically eject your backup drive, iPod or whatever is connected so you can safely unplug it . Say goodbye errors “disc has not been ejected correctly” and you have reignited the computer because expel forgot everything.

Jettison even ensures that backups Time Machine server volumes and files are closed correctly before they are deleted. Your backups and shared files are safe.

What if you decide not to go and open your MacBook again? Jettison verify whether the units are still connected and remounted on the desktop if they are there.