Copy’em Paste 2.5.1

Copy’em Paste 2.5.1 MAS | Mac OS X | 9 MB.

Copy’em Paste is a clipboard tool simple but powerful to dramatically accelerate the daily workflow of copy and paste.

Automatically saves your copied text, images, links, screenshots, etc., and allows you to recover / paste them at any time, at your fingertips. Use it to copy items consecutively and then paste them (without the usual trips back and forth to copy and paste), save your favorite cuts permanently, take screenshots without obstructing your desktop, collect research data, streamline sticking cuts, convert pasted text, organize clippings into lists, etc. Everything done at an astonishing rate, making it a productivity tool valuable and time – saving!

– Automatically remembers things copied by normal commands copy / cut
– You can store an unlimited number of cuts
– Accepts text, images, links, HTML code, PDF files, and cuts proprietary formats
– Instant Access cuts through the menu bar or Command-Shift-V customizable
– you can paste cuts through drag and drop target applications
– you can be set to stick on VNC, NoMachine, Parallels, etc.
– Paste batch several fragments
– can paste local cuts with cuts ( ‘0′ to ‘9′ and ‘a’ to ‘z’)
– can paste cuts with an unlimited number of global shortcuts
– Option Mode plain text to paste any rich text as plain text, and the option to paste rich text when mode is plain text
– Options Text Transformation (capitalization, unlinked lines, spaces blank extraction, adding prefixes / suffixes, etc.)
– unlimited number of lists so you can organize your favorite cuts
– Mode automatic star where newcomers cuts are automatically placed on the current outstanding list
– fast switching between lists shortcuts through local application (such as Command-1, Command-2, etc.)
– Use shortcuts to slide or Command [and Cmd-] to navigate back and forth between lists
– Sort cuts creation dates, dates most recently used, and paste frequency, etc.
– Reorganize cuts featured lists by drag and drop
– Search cuts searching, filtering content type and filtering application name
– Quick search, with search as you type, and options to automatically target and automatically delete the search field
– option to manually edit text clippings
– option for naming or edit cuts
– cuts Open window next to the current location of the mouse (to minimize mouse movement)
– Option to keep the open window after each gluing operation; by default, the window is automatically closed after use
– Capture screenshots (full – screen windows, selected areas, etc.) as cuts
– applications blacklist, so cuts them will not be saved
– Stop (or resume) the collection of further cuts
– you can delete selected cuts, selected sets or complete lists
– Change the subject, with the option to display text clippings in original colors or grayscale
– automatically change the subject according to the configuration OS X theme