Audirvana Plus 3.2.6

Audirvana Plus 3.2.6 | Mac OS X | 17 MB.

Audirvana Plus is a high-end player for Mac with a view to the best possible sound quality.

  • native support for FLAC, libsndfile (WAV, AIFF, …), ALAC and other QuickTime formats (AAC, MP3, …)
  • Direct sound path directly to the! CoreAudio HAL for a perfect little pure sound
  • Exclusive access mode audio device
  • HAL I / O using CAD physical formats native “Full mode” (instead of 32-bit float CoreAudio)
  • Sampling frequency automatic switching
  • Up / capacity oversampling
  • completely reproduces memory
  • The tracks are loaded, decoded and sample rate converted into a memory buffer before being played
  • Minimizing the CPU and hard disk activity to reduce sources of interference
  • Gapless playback using a double buffering mechanism (playing track and next track)
  • Transparent divided filler to load tracks of any size
  • Background monitoring charge / decoding (including the sampling frequency conversion)
  • Playlist (M3U and formats M3U8) load / save
  • Apple handles Remote IR