Scrutiny 7.6.12

Scrutiny 7.6.12 (macOS) | 6.43 MB

Scrutiny 7 is a suite of web optimization tools including link checking, SEO checks, Sitemap generation, page load speed test, html validation. Version 7 is a major update and includes these new features.
Cleaner ‘task based’ interface
Website monitoring of as many urls as you like with alerts on screen or by email, plus written to a log file
Able to scan pdf documents for links
Scheduling made easy with a few easy clicks (the old method using iCal will still work)
On finish of a scheduled or manual scan, Scrutiny 5 can send an email, save a report, open a file or applescript, ftp the sitemap xml and other actions
Opens and scans a list of links in html, plain text format or xml sitemap (automatically detected)
Improved page analysis – finds more elements making up a page
Scan a site for pages containing specific text

Version 7.6.12:
Fixes bug that prevented full scanning if port number used in the starting url
If a site config is deleted with a schedule still set, the schedule is now correctly removed before the site is removed.
Fixes problem in isFinished causing multiple instances of the archive dialog
Fixes problem with archive causing a hang (archive and browsable settings had to be on)
Fixes percentencoding bug which caused crash under very unusual circs (an unusual character in the link href and unusual page text encoding)
Fixes bug in defaults sync which might have caused some odd effects when creating new config / adding / deleting rules etc.