AKVIS Oilpaint 7.0.583.16054

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AKVIS Oilpaint 7.0.583.16054 | Mac OS X | 145.86 MB.

AKVIS oilpaint is a program that allows you to create oil paintings from photographs. The key feature of the program is a unique algorithm in the application of the brush stroke, which reproduces authentically real brush technique.

Create an oil painting is a long and complicated process. With this art program, you can become painter and turn your photos into paintings in just a few minutes!

Oil painting from photo

Oil painting is one of the most popular techniques. The story of this method goes back several centuries. Traditionally, the artist applies oil on canvas linen or cotton. The advantages of oil painting are the bright colors that blend well, the expressiveness of the brushwork that gives the painting a special rough texture, brightness and naturalness of a picturesque image.

Original imageOil painting from photo

Oil painting is widely used for creating art pieces of different styles – Impressionism, Abstract, Photorealism, Art and others; in the genres of still life, landscape, portrait, painting historical scenes and everyday life.

Even if you are not a professional painter, you can create your own masterpiece! Only use AKVIS OilPaintpara turn an ordinary photo into an oil painting.

By adjusting the density, texture and thickness of the brush strokes, you can not only improve the volume and get impressive effects, but also find their own style in painting.

Original imageOil painting from photo

The mysterious production of a painting happens right before your eyes. The program creates a piece of art that looks like a painting done by hand. Personalize your work of art with a signature or watermark ! To make even more realistic painting, you can adjust the surface of the canvas .

The program offers a number of presets – ready to use, allowing you to become familiar with the characteristics of the default settings. Batch processing allows you to automatically convert a series of images under the same parameters.

Using additional post-processing tools you can add the finishing touches to your image, increase or reduce the effect of oil paint in certain areas.

Original imageOil painting from photo

AKVIS oilpaint is available as a plugin for image editor. The plugin is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro, etc.

In version 7.0:
Texture Library updated
The library of textures in the Frame tab has been updated! It offers an impressive array of new textures and patterns of high quality divided into different thematic categories such as vacations, Nature, postage, etc. The pattern frame now includes two categories: Stars and ornaments and doodles. Use new textures to create Christmas cards or invitation cards for special occasions!

Marco random patterns
The pattern frame offers the new feature: random patterns! Simply select the check box to mix up to 20 patterns in a frame. Use Random Seed settings to create multiple combinations with a single mouse click.

Interface enhancements
The user interface has undergone several improvements. The check boxes on the tab Marco have been replaced with new icons for easy operation. Enabled tools on the toolbar are now marked with color to make it easier to distinguish between states enabled / disabled.

Also in the new version:
– support for more RAW files in the standalone version was added.
– improved algorithm for increased brightness patterns and textures;
– Fixed minor bugs.