AKVIS Decorator 6.0.729.16013

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AKVIS Decorator 6.0.729.16013 | Mac OS X | 76.25 MB.

Have you ever seen you a car made of brick? A statue dressed in fine clothes?
With AKVIS Decorator you can create things that were unimaginable even to Mother Nature.

The software lets you change the surface of an object in a realistic manner.

You select part of an image – a dress on a girl, a car, furniture, etc. – and apply new textures. The girl can be painted in bright, stippled or square patterns, looking like velvet or satin, or even of wood or candy her dress.

It incorporates a wide range of patterns to apply – from fabrics to stones and metal, from food to elements of nature. You may also apply their own standards. Simply download an image as a texture in the Library program.

Unlike many photo editors, the software follows the underlying features of the object, the texture that already exists, and makes the new color or texture look natural.

Using the program Decorator

Decorating the surface of a snake scale car can be fun, but it’s much more practical to apply Decorator for design purposes.

With this software you can quickly choose a suitable design for your apartment by playing with different colors and patterns for furniture, walls, curtains, decorations, etc. For designers, it is useful to teach customers the same room in different versions or for web-designers to represent the same items in an online store (blankets, clothes, furniture, etc.) with different colors and patterns.

By AKVIS tradition, the program has a simple, easy even for novice interface. In the program window you select a texture for the object (you can adjust the color and frequency of the pattern), press the Apply button and get a wonderful result. If necessary you can adjust the brightness and angle of illumination.

The program applies a texture or color preserving the volume of an object, following its folds and creases. The new pattern looks absolutely natural and makes you see things differently.

Original imageUsing the program Decorator
Original imageUsing the program Decorator

AKVIS Decorator is available in two versions: as a standalone (independent) program and as a plugin to a photo editor.

The plugin version is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop and others.

In Version 6.0:
New Tools
The updated version offers new tools that make the workflow easier, faster and more effective. The new selection tools – Quick Selection, Rectangular Selection, Selection Elliptical, Lasso, Polygonal Lasso – are easier to use, which significantly accelerate the selection process. The History Brush (available for Home Deluxe and Business licenses) selectively restores parts of your image to its original state or weaken the effect by decreasing its opacity.

Save selections
It is now possible to save / load selections! This important feature saves time and effort, allowing users to continue the interrupted job without having to repeat the laborious process of selection each time.

Applying different textures
The latest version lets you apply different textures to the same image without having to store the intermediate result.

Also in the new version:
– Support for RAW files in the standalone version was added.
– view modes added image: several options for displaying the original and processed images;
– Hotkeys added to standard selection commands (Deselect, Select All, Invert Selection);
– changed the appearance of the icons of enabled tools;
– he added new gray interface theme;
– full compatibility with Photoshop CC 2018;
– the maximum scale interface now available depends on the resolution of the screen;
– Fixed minor bugs.