Mafia III-2016-(ENG)-Full Cracked-(PC)-Game-Complete Collection-Final Version-RELOADED

Mafia III is the next installment in the series of third-person open world action games about gangsters. The title was created by newly founded Hangar 13 studio, working under Take-Two Interactive. The studio hires ex-members of 2K Czech (previously known as Illusion Softworks), the team behind the first two parts of the series. This new game by the Czech studio was released on PC and, for the first time in history of the series, on the eight generation consoles.
The game is set in the year 1968, New Orleans. The main character is Lincoln Clay, a veteran of the Vietnam war and a mafia member. However, his ‘family’ was betrayed and executed without mercy. Therefore, the main theme of the game is revenge on the person responsible for killing Lincoln’s folks – Sal Marcano, the don of Italian mob, who ordered the massacre. In his quest Clay can cooperate with other criminal bosses, including an Irish gangster named Burke, Cassandra, the head of Haitian gang, and Vito Scaletta, the protagonist of Mafia II.